The Jedi Order was the paragon of the light side, founded after the True Sith War.

Old Jedi OrderEdit

See Old Jedi Order

New Jedi OrderEdit

See New Jedi Order


In 95 ABY the Jedi Order suffered a schism. Ben Skywalker took his sons, Nat and Kol, away from the Order. The Galactic Alliance tried to place their own choice on the Grandmaster throne, and the issues within the Order spiralled. With the weakening of the central Jedi authority, the governments pushed their own Force user projects, and weakened the Galactic Alliance and Jedi.

The Jedi split into the two factions. The Guardians of Light and New Jedi Trials, and as the GA government collapsed under the pressure, the Sith re-emerged. The Dominion of Darkness appeared within the Tapani sector, establishing links with the Senex sector. Kuat allied the Arkanians, establishing their own dark side cult. The Bothans and Hutts created their own groups, and the Galactic Empire seceded from the GA. The Jedi eventually reunified in 100 ABY, re-establishing their presence in the galaxy.

New Jedi OrderEdit

See New Jedi Order

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